Becoming Social

Humans are social beings. Even the most introverts amongst us love to share our joys and accomplishments, as well as our sorrows and frustrations with the fellow human beings.

The hectic daily routines of urban life and our preoccupation with modern gadgets always connected to the internet may severely limit our social interactions. Research on this subject has found that healthy social interactions  are very important for physical as well as mental health. Lack of quality social interactions in life can lead to depression and long term health issues. This brings us to  an important aspect of life, "Becoming social".

Schools offer nice social environments to kids where learning to interact with others becomes part of the basic education. Team based games can be other healthy choices for kids. As we grow into adulthood and become occupied with the regular challenges of earning our livelihoods and fulfilling our responsibilities, the social environments provided by schools are no longer available to us. We need more initiative on our part to connect with people to maintain a healthy social life.

Participating in team based games we like can be a good way to lead an active life as well as connect with fellow teammates. Joining communities of like minded people who share our interests, hobbies and goals helps us grow in those areas as well as offers opportunities to socialize with them. Even joining occasional celebrations and parties with friends helps us rekindle our spirits.

Social gathering with friends also provides a venue for discussing problems and solutions  and sharing knowledge and experience related to career, finances and other aspects of life. Even casual conversations and sharing a laugh together rejuvenate us.

Encouraging kids to engage with others helps in making them better team players, improves their confidence and develop skills in them. Thus it  immensely contributes in making them well rounded individuals. Being a social leader is now valued more than ever. The size of one's network is an important  criteria in measuring one's ability to influence others.

One must choose a company which aligns with one's goals in life and leads to mutual enrichment and growth. At the same time, we should learn to see the good in others. This will help us imbibe the good qualities of others. Appreciating and helping others is a nice way of getting appreciated in return and makes social ties stronger. It benefits the individuals and the societies. We should consciously practice being grateful, joyful and spreading joy in the gatherings we participate.

We feel social interaction is the best medicine in old age and younger generation should pay attention to the  this social need of elders.

Online social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc. are also great ways of engaging socially in this  digital age as long as they do not take over other priorities. Remember, "Excess of anything can be bad".

One should constantly measure oneself by seeing the presence of joy within oneself and in interactions with others, whether it is with  one's spouse, kids, parents, siblings  in the family, at work with coworkers, or with friends. One should  keep working on the gaps and be the positive change in one's social interactions.

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