Money is means to an end

Earning one's livelihood is one of the basic requirements of life. It's very humbling to realize that how each one of us depends upon the rest of the human society to fulfill even very basic needs of life. On the the other hand, each one of us earns our livelihood by doing one's part in serving the society.

In ancient times, people traded products and services directly through a barter system. For example, a farmer might receive 10 Kg. of rice from another farmer in exchange for 5 Kg. of pulses. As human society evolved and the needs became more complex, the currency system replaced the barter system. People started paying money in exchange for products and services.

So, money in a nutshell, represents the value of products and services we receive. Our compensation represents the value of our service to the society through which we earn our livelihood. In a just society, the amount of money we receive is expected to be directly proportional to the value of our service to the society, though there are other considerations as well.

In our society, earning money is one of the most important aspects. It helps us fulfill many of our goals and wishes. Beyond the bare minimums, a decent place to live in, eating healthy food, having enough time for entertainment, well rounded nurturing of kids, financially securing for tough moments of life and ability to do something you love could be some of the goals one can attach to money.

Many times we run after money as a measure of success. There is nothing wrong about the pursuit of money as long as we are cognizant of the fact that "money is means to an end". Attaching a reason to what we want to do with the earned money will help in reinforcing and providing the right perspective when we think of making a sacrifice to earn money.

We think one should try to earn money to the extent possible through fair means while serving the society. However, leading a balanced life is an important aspect. Earning more money should not bring the stress one cannot handle, and the bad health. Money is a means to an end, earn it and spend it to live a happy life.

Entrepreneurship can be a stretch goal through which one can serve the society on a bigger scale. It also helps to grow economy while raising the standard of living of the masses.  We have high regards for entrepreneurs as they draw enough energy by finding points of synergies and integrate it with the life of people around us. They create win-win situations by providing employments and services and also grow themselves.

One can think of many such endpoints to earn and make use of money but above all, we must not lose the perspective that, "Without money, there is nothing, but money is not everything".

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  1. Money is good only if used to invest in good causes