Networking - The Growth Catalyst

Many of our blogs have been emphasizing on what we can do to ourselves in building the strengths which may help us in realizing our wishes. After a point, the talent groomed blooms further if you have access to the right contacts. Networking is one of the most important aspect one should be cognizant of as one moves along in the life.

The more people you know, the greater is your access to leverage the resources and the opportunities around you. In recent years, business like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook developed based on this concept. They give us excellent platform to connect with folks and broaden the exposure and ability to mature an opportunity. In this era, social and professional networks are becoming integral part of our life if we want to grow socially or career-wise.

By truly integrating the idea of appreciating and especially expressing the appreciation as part of our nature is a good way of building the relationships. If you see a person who you admire for their contributions whether at work or in your local community, do not shy away from expressing your genuine regards and forming a contact.

In business world treating a business contact more like a friend will take the relationship much further along. Networking is one of the most powerful technique to accelerate and sustain growth of a business strategy or an individual. 

"Who knows you" is far more important than "Who you know" for your growth. One needs to build a brand of oneself and market it by reaching out "Influential Network". Make sure you have contacts who can help you explore your full potential. If you come in contact of "Influential" folks at work and they saw your potential, do not hesitate in following up with a contact request e.g. a linked-in request. They love it and need folks with potential to execute the strategy and it helps both side.

It may be good idea to go to the places where one can find like minded folks and establish long lasting contacts. Knowing each other with genuine interest can be mutually beneficial for many growth opportunities.
Just staying in contact even with the birthday wishes, light jokes helps in asking for help if a need arises. Revive the old relationships. There is so much of joy in just connecting with old friends and remembering those fond memories.

Many times job or family related problems can be easily solved if one has good network. Most of the higher level jobs are filled through known contacts. I have seen so many folks being helped out when they are relocating and they happen to know friends in a newer place.

Let us make it a conscious goal to revive our old relationships and grow our network and see how it opens up channels for many win-win opportunities for mutual growth and fosters positivity around us.

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