The Power of Music

Our personal experiences with the love for listening to Music has been so positive that we thought of writing a blog on this topic to be aware of this wonderful creation of mankind.

Anything which absorbs and calms the mind whether it is reading, writing, contemplating, cooking, creating an art piece, watching a game or listening to a rhythm(music) are all different kinds of spiritual experiences.

Music has great power, that is why any emotion whether it is of happiness, sorrow, love, patriotism can be expressed with a greater impact as it touches the soul. Whether it is Christmas Carols or Prayers of Hindus or Sufi songs, it is music which makes the chorus so wonderful and enlightening experience. Music is beyond religions and has no boundaries of countries. Music has the power to unite people despite their diverse beliefs and backgrounds.

Music especially with the devotional rhythm where the meaning of the words start touching the soul can help us stay in longer period of blissful state. We believe the reason for this could be the surrender of self where one becomes ego-less and enjoys the vastness of consciousness. If one wants to feel the God, “Music is the way to feel it”. Devotional music has very positive impact in other spheres of life because after listening to such music mind reaches a calm state devoid of sorrow or joy.

The calm mind becomes the bed of creativity and one can see things beyond what people normally perceive. One can better connect with the author while reading a book. A scholar can understand the deep meaning behind the subject. A business leader can create a well-thought strategy for a business as they can better account for the surrounding factors.

We all have "silent music" going on as part of our life. It is called as "ahnad naad" in Sanskit. The more we can lead the life in tune with the ahnad naad, more it becomes easier to realize our thoughts. We believe various leaders glue to a mission and take it to a bigger scale because of their ability to amplify the "ahnad naad" by broadening their vision which goes beyond the self.

Various online articles we came across indicate that playing and listening to music helps in more holistic development of brain. It helps us think more logically, and get a better sense of ourselves and the world around us. Listening to variety of music helps in increasing tolerance and appreciate diversity.

Many schools run soft music in the background while classes are running as it helps in developing better focus and makes studies an enjoyable experience. Many teachers and parents resort to rhythms as it is easier to memorize things which follow a rhythm.

Many psychologists recommend listening to music to calm the mind of their patients as part of their treatment. It may be a good idea to take a refuge in the music of liking when one sees lows of life.

We believe the person who are fond of music are better in getting hold of the rhythm of life. They are better at creating synergy and are more resourceful if they want to reach an objective. They live more fulfilling life. Let’s make music as an active part of our life and see how it makes the life even more beautiful.

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