What the heck is Spirituality?

In previous post we discussed “Developing a Spiritual Perspective”. Let’s try to delve a bit further into the subject as it is not just a subject of discussion of Yogis and Saints.

When I see folks posting their own pictures and of their loved ones on facebook and expressing themselves on social media, it is manifestation of love and is first sign of spirituality. It shows the pride in oneself, reflects the happiness of the soul to engage with others and appreciate others. These are all signs of spirituality. The degree of being loved, and feeling blessed varies and one may seek to continuously grow in this dimension to live the life to it’s fullest.

A simple word “love” becomes a journey to practice because we resonate with different aspects of the nature and get stuck in our own view of the world. Many times this starts generating conflicts resulting in unconscious impulsive behavior such as annoyance, anger, frustration and depression.

Being spiritual in beginning may mean getting hold of the thought “conflict is natural” and react consciously to conflicts around us. It may be good idea to witness ourselves especially during impulsive moments and realize how we can improve when we talk to our elders, child, spouse, friend or a stranger. As one moves along on the path and matures, one may find love as a means to control the spontaneous negative behavior and diffuses the tension.

The next level of wisdom comes when love becomes the driving force in the life. We start realizing the connection with others. Parents taking care of their children is an excellent example of the spiritual experience and they never think of their own sacrifices in growing up their kids. Nature implants this element in every species to sustain the creation.

As the divinity of love expands, we witness the birth of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. One sees the whole earth as one family [वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम (Sanskrit) - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam]. The force of love gives the willpower to go against the unacceptable behavior around us. It does give the ability to create the synergy and channelize the energy of masses to achieve the goal of a mission to serve humanity.

Becoming spiritual helps us in seeing the individuals as source of energy where nature sprouts and dissolves back. Practice of this thought can help many people in dealing with the losses of their loved ones. They connect themselves with a mission to help others in similar situations. They live to the ideals of the life of their loved ones as a tribute.

Let us witness our own actions and exude love,love and love and see how divinity sprouts when we develop a rhythm and see the positive in others. This has a ripple effect as liking brings more liking and creates harmony.

Feel free to express your perspectives and experiences of spirituality.

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