Leadership - An Introspection and Our Role

To us leadership is about bringing a positive change around us whether it is at home, work or in community. Inculcating leadership qualities within ourselves, our children, students and employees in an enterprise is an important step towards building purpose oriented  individuals and societies.

Usually we associate leadership with hierarchical position and alienate ourselves from many responsibilities which we can take even without a designated role. Sense of ownership, high degree of initiative and proactive approach towards solving issues are key attributes which apply to every individual in a group and are not just for leaders. These are the traits which create leaders from individuals.

The very basic element of leadership is true love and attitude to serve. The level of development of these two attributes is sign of spiritual development of an individual and reflects in their day to day actions in all spheres of life whether it is professional or personal. These two key elements are like magnet and draw various other attributes of leadership.

We observed the leaders have high degree of adherence to values, they have character integrity which brings back to our post "How and where to start the journey?". These values and character integrity give the force to succeed against various challenges in life. We can help in developing those values in our kids by becoming a role model.

The leaders are very independent by nature and parents have key role in giving room to kids to develop as leaders. Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs both were very fortunate in this respect. Positive reinforcement is the best tool in grooming kids to their potential and even furthering it as it builds self-confidence in them. The same principle applies to leaders in professional life. We should not give too much guidance or instructions like “do this or do that” and be very constructive in giving feedback and guidance only when needed.

The ability to adhere to values helps in forming philosophy, the vision and Will power to execute the vision. This brings focus because they have clear vision and have overcome distractions to face challenges. The ingrained element of love helps them in becoming a people person. They have humility to recognize the potential in others. This helps them in seeing the synergies, ability to strategically plan to accomplish the mission.

Leaders are very resourceful, they look at what they have on-hand and make best use of them to accomplish the tasks. They are unstoppable and do not halt the mission with an excuse of lack of resources. They are very optimistic and believe in the fact that as they make progress things will start lining up. They just ensure that they do not leave any stone un-turned and work to the best of their ability and motivate the people to contribute.

The clarity of vision and belief in the mission prepares the leaders where they take risks and make sacrifices to serve others. This is the point where they separate themselves from the masses. This trait is appreciated by the people around them and creates the follower-ship. The leaders are remembered by masses for their services and become role model even after they leave their physical body.

In spiritual terms, their divine presence manifests in the behavior of the masses who remember them as they have merged with the greater super consciousness because they lived for the purpose of creation.

We all are leaders in ourselves rowing our own boat and we may spot many opportunities where we can help or serve others. Let us make this life purposeful by touching the life of a daughter, a son, brother, friend or a stranger or even by mentoring a person at work in a positive meaningful way even if it is small. Hold on to that spirit of service even if something is not resonating with you because that moment has not come but it will come.

With this post we may be wrapping up on the foundation to get us ready for the new chapter of leadership.

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