What makes a leader?

In this blog, we will discuss about what takes in creating a leader and see what it entails in grooming ourselves and our kids. For the sake of simplicity and making a point across, we will categorize the leaders though it is usually combinations of things.

There are two kinds of leaders in our view. In first category are those who we usually see around us leading a group of people or organization. In second category are others who become leader because of the unacceptable situations and they want to bring a change. The latter are usually quiet and introvert personalities and their strong adherence to the values gives them the force to bring a change. The values are based on principles of co-existence and hence generates the mass following.

Based on our observation, the leaders grow up differently. Let us discuss the first category. They are given lots of love, discipline and good human values are instilled in them in their early childhood. They are treated with respect in their childhood. This results in them making good choices and hence tend to be given independence. Lots of positive reinforcement goes in grooming them. All this results in them developing high confidence and high degree of initiative. Once they set themselves to some resolution, they tend to accomplish them.

It is important to note that parents by position are in a leadership role and child is a follower by position. Parents have to groom the kids carefully because comparison with others and too much guidance both can really hurt the upbringing of child. Every individual is unique and has their own path and style to grow. We just need to be a role-model and let them absorb what resonates with their personalities.

In second category, the leaders grow up in challenging conditions along with some venues of instilling hope through their inner channels. They adhere to values and principles and that becomes their strength and guidance. They learn different ways and techniques to overcome challenges and obstacles and go beyond them.

Next time, when you run into someone you think is a leader do not hesitate to ask about their childhood, grooming and situations which made them the leader. They would love to talk about it and we can take the lessons for us and for our kids. Please do share your observations with us for the benefit of all of us.

One distinguishing feature of leaders is their ability to plan and execute their vision. It is execution which makes all the difference. We will continue to discuss the execution in our upcoming blogs.

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