Becoming Simple

Before we talk about rituals to help increase our self-belief, we felt the need of "embracing simplicity and let go off that ego which builds vicious environment around us".

As we grow older, we take on many things from our surroundings nourishing the logical mind and also build so much of ego without becoming cognizant of the complexity all this weaves around us. This complexity manifests all around us when we see the frowns on faces which should otherwise exude simplicity. It becomes so hard to quieten the mind because of so many thoughts wandering in the logical mind.

The ego does not let us surrender ourselves even to our own thought process to fulfill our own wishes. Those who can surrender, reach the state of extreme focus and just make it happen. Their unwavering mind connects the dots and brings the forces together to close the gaps.

The journey of "becoming simple" is not easy one especially in the world we live in. However, becoming aware of the fact what it means to us will make this journey much easier and we will see the gradual change in our aura, our face, our smile, carefree laughs, our words. It becomes the force behind self-pride which we may not even realize. The self-pride which has simplicity in the root becomes the very reason to fight what comes on the way. Simplicity draws people towards us and self-pride helps a person move forward towards their own goals. Ego on the other hand takes us a step back so beware of what it does before we nurture it.

Goal Mantra wishes you the best in your journey of embracing simplicity which is foremost element in preparing us for the ritual which stirs up self-belief. In our next blog we will prepare for creating room to perform this ritual.

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