Transitioning from spiritual to physical aspect

We created room for our priorities by getting up early in morning, aligned our inner self and our kids to the basic principle of coexistence and focused on building character in our earlier thread. What we feel, think and do all is perceived by our body. In fact, if we look deeper the body is the manifestation of what we are. We should respect our body which is the temple for our soul and is a means to execute actions in our life.

There is a saying in Sanskrit

शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम्
śarīramādyaṃ khalu dharmasādhanam
body is instrument for all deeds [actions, duties]

The typical life of average person in this modern era driven by technologies has become very sedative and stressful. People tend to get silo'ed in their own world spending time on mobile devices and television or in front of books, computers for long hours. This often leads to different sorts of physical and mental problems. It becomes much more important to focus on our health as we live far from natural life now.

Flus, fevers, heart-problems, diabetes, neck problems, back-ache, doctor visits all have become so common around us. All issues like body-aches, head-ache, nausea in flu season, ability to not enjoy food in a party can be mitigated by regular exercise.

Exercise helps in keeping the body fit. It increases body immunization by increasing blood flow, release of toxins, lubricating the joints which can otherwise start getting rusted. We recommend Yoga as the best exercise routine and Sukshma Vyayam is our pick. Engaging into sports, or any other exercise on regular basis to one's taste is the best thing one can do to their body.

We really like an old lady saying regular exercise is like an investment from which you will withdraw in old age. When to exercise and the kind of exercise may depend from individual to individual. It is equally important that kids stay physically active in the age of video-games. We wish you good health and in your endeavor to stay healthy and inspire others to be healthy.

Where is the genesis of happiness?

Continuing on our last blog of "The morning ritual for stirring up self-belief" , it becomes an important aspect to stick to values and much of that orientation starts happening by sparing some time for self-introspection as a ritual. The integrity, the character results in an immense force within. It stands out and makes one leader in masses at home, community, and work because the vision starts changing beyond just the self. When we live for others, the greater part of consciousness starts following us, such is the power of service. See the true leaders around us, who do they work for and you will get the answer.

The morning ritual for stirring up self-belief

We all are human being and have room to grow stronger psychologically. It is for this reason a belief system is so important which kindles the light of optimism in us and where we surrender ourselves to the iconic super-power we believe in. We believe that is why our ancestors created the system of religion which gives us constant hope throughout the life.

Every morning, we should take time to reflect on ourselves and our karma and keep constantly aligning ourselves to the greater purpose of creative consciousness. A very expressive idol of a God blessing you with their hands, giving you offerings, their holy feet, a picture of a saint or a guru who you believe in, a beautiful temple, lighted lamps or anything which helps you immerse in the infinite consciousness is recommended to stir up self-belief.

Focusing on feet helps in shredding the ego and helps us learn the way to live with surrender, your pure actions in day to day life will intensify your ability to visualize the iconic idol blessing you with fortune. It is such a beautiful communion with the greater consciousness that after the few moments of getting lost in your ritual will transform you into a totally different being who does what they resolve for.

Taking care of our own body as a wonderful means to live for the purpose of creation. Having the sense of service in every action of ours, laughing out a lot and seeing others laugh, inspiring others to stay fit, eating delicious, eating healthy, dressing well, looking great, working together as a team to serve a greater purpose at work to align with organization goal or doing a community service. Service makes it a beautiful engaging life experience.

The morning ritual is a transforming habit and at Goal Mantra we believe we all should do it and stay inspired by reading many role models and see how is their morning ritual.

Got time to connect with yourself?

As we grow, we start getting tangled into things surrounding us. We get pulled in all directions whether it is job, kids, extended family, friends and we are mostly defined by them. The ease of access to technology, resources and people can sometimes be overwhelming when it hijacks us from focusing on important aspects of our life. Life can easily get out of control and many times we may see things start falling apart like having health issues, job not going well at work, kids not doing well in their studies and the problem list goes on. Among this busy schedule, there is no time left where "I" can be just "me". Finding such time is so important to lead a balanced and more fulfilling life.

After much contemplation, we felt early in morning is the best time to connect with oneself. Look around and see if you find this habit common in the people who you think are successful. If you are a morning bird you already won half of the battle. You should thank your parents for this habit and we all should pass on this habit to our children for their bright future. It will be a true blessing for our kids.

There is another camp where many people believe in the fact that it does not matter. Watching TV late, getting up late, skipping breakfast, rushing to office, forgetting things, getting late to meetings, seeing work, cooking and whole life as burden is also typical for many of us. Many people find themselves effective working late night and are happy with the way they are. However, we felt to have a balanced healthy life, morning birds are at advantage over night owl because there are no distractions in early mornings so it may be worth changing the habits.

It is not easy for a night owl to become a morning bird. Key to getting up early is to go to bed early, that's why we say "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". One can gradually shift schedule to sleep earlier say by 15 minutes each week and try to adhere to it over weekends because body tries to follow a bio-rhythm. Prepare yourself psychologically by reading about "Benefits of getting up early".

Have you wondered why the successful people have so much energy, why they get up early in morning? We believe the energy generated out of passion to achieve a mission takes their brain to a more awakened state and it drives them out of bed into the field of action. This is the reason why finding our passion becomes the most important thing as it elevates the energy level in the body and makes getting up early much easier. We can see the passion, connecting to yourself, getting up early are all so related to each other which ultimately provides us the inner strength to fulfill our wishes.

GoalMantra wishes you all the best in finding a mission, you are passionate about. The mission can be as simple as a project at your work or doing something big for community around you. A mission which glues you to the life and makes it a more engaging and blissful experience. Once you reach that state, you will automatically become a morning bird and inspire many others. If all is well and you are happy then stick to what you are doing as ultimate goal is to "Stay happy and healthy".

Becoming Simple

Before we talk about rituals to help increase our self-belief, we felt the need of "embracing simplicity and let go off that ego which builds vicious environment around us".

As we grow older, we take on many things from our surroundings nourishing the logical mind and also build so much of ego without becoming cognizant of the complexity all this weaves around us. This complexity manifests all around us when we see the frowns on faces which should otherwise exude simplicity. It becomes so hard to quieten the mind because of so many thoughts wandering in the logical mind.

The ego does not let us surrender ourselves even to our own thought process to fulfill our own wishes. Those who can surrender, reach the state of extreme focus and just make it happen. Their unwavering mind connects the dots and brings the forces together to close the gaps.

The journey of "becoming simple" is not easy one especially in the world we live in. However, becoming aware of the fact what it means to us will make this journey much easier and we will see the gradual change in our aura, our face, our smile, carefree laughs, our words. It becomes the force behind self-pride which we may not even realize. The self-pride which has simplicity in the root becomes the very reason to fight what comes on the way. Simplicity draws people towards us and self-pride helps a person move forward towards their own goals. Ego on the other hand takes us a step back so beware of what it does before we nurture it.

Goal Mantra wishes you the best in your journey of embracing simplicity which is foremost element in preparing us for the ritual which stirs up self-belief. In our next blog we will prepare for creating room to perform this ritual.

Reinforce Self-Belief, Love yourself

Delving into human psychology is an interesting area and we started to look at it in the context of people who are good in achieving their goals. As we kept on digging into the subject matter, we realized the importance of “self-belief” to stay focused through ups and downs of goal journey. Our findings on this topic got further reinforced by various resources available on web.

A good thing happens in this journey that as one accomplishes one task after another towards the goal, the self-confidence increases. The probability of accomplishing next goal becomes much higher, this is also known as self-efficacy. One may use self-efficacy theory and start with easier tasks/goals to build self-belief before shooting for challenging goals.

Self-efficacy is a wonderful tool for parents, teachers, spiritual leaders and students in setting us up for a better future. Our sub-conscious mind understands our abilities and even the thought of setting a goal itself is a sign that we can achieve the goal. Our mind accounts for all the variants and shows us the path that is why we often hear, "believe in your gut-feeling".

We often hear “Power is within”, “Aham Brahmasmi - I am Divine” and it has been proven again and again by great personalities around us where they become role model for others for their struggle and achievements. So, “love yourself” and stay focused on your goals and you will reach them. One has to be very much aware of the distractions especially in the world we live in today and limit the exposure to the distractions. We may want to surround ourselves with positive beings who help us reinforce our belief in our goals.

The goal-setting thought can be triggered from anything around us whether it is health, wealth, education, serving a cause or anything which makes us feel more complete. Many times we work for our livelihood and dream of achieving side goals, in such cases we may want to bring in discipline of setting aside little time say daily or weekly and build upon it.

Life moves on and it may be worth making it a more engaging experience for ourselves and others. It is our belief that the joy of intoxication from engaging in self-less goals is ultimate bliss one can experience in life. These goals can be thought of as our part of contribution for the greater society. In spiritual sense, it is merging of individual consciousness into infinite consciousness and our soul enjoys this blissful union.

Passion drives many of our long term far reaching goals which have bigger impact. We can persevere the ups and downs in our journey of such goals only if we truly love doing them. We should see every failure as a step towards success and learn to address the cause of failure. Embrace failure and not be afraid of them as they do teach.

One may need to practice self-belief almost like a ritual of doing a self-check daily and see what helped and what did not. If necessary make a log and address those issues. If despite all efforts, things are not working out it may be possible that alignment of goal, values, passion and reality check needs to be done and they should all cater to the one big goal of “Staying Happy”.

In subsequent blogs, we will follow with many other rituals which will assist in making self-belief stronger. Wish you all the best in your goal "Reinforce Self-belief".