The mornings

Continuing further on importance of exercise, I would like to take a step back and align it with daily routine. The very first thing one can do in the morning is drink half-full glass of water or more as long as it does not interfere with your exercise or other following routines. Forcefully drinking water may not be good idea. Drinking water adds to your habit of staying hydrated and boosts the metabolism and keeps those toxins out.

Eating healthy breakfast is a good idea. However, eating large meal at breakfast is not a good idea unless one is physically very active and justifies the quantity. The food intake should be in proportion to the physical activity one does. Otherwise, over time it builds up and we can see the bulges in the body.

The next  thing for many of us is going out of house to school or work. It is so important to blend that little element of joy to say “heading to office/school”, see you in the evening. It keeps that love and joyful ambience which is essence of family, and community. In our hectic life, we do not even bother to look at even our family members. The world outside takes over on us, watch it.

Leaving home on a positive note, starts a beautiful day at work or school. You bring joy around yourself at work and are full of energy. Positive and negative vibes both spread around fast and we perceive the results back also. After all, we are part of ecosystem and let’s do our part to make life beautiful. This is one of the essential attributes of leadership which creates a very positive and productive environment.

Stay hydrated, joyful, energetic and be a leader spreading joy around you!

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