Let that fire lit

New year begins, how about we take opportunity to channelize the ultimate resource we all have.

Look around and we can spot folks jogging in the morning, doing yoga, the students working hard to excel, the leaders who are jovial and full of energy leading the masses, the mother cooking and feeding whole family, the little child incessantly playing without getting tired, the "true" spiritual leaders constantly moving around to serve humanity, and we often hear stories of yogis in bliss.

These people have higher level of energy which comes naturally to a child and needs discipline and focus when we grow up because of distractions around us. The other way to have this higher level of energy is to have love for others like a mother has or passion for something.

Now, how does the discipline and focus come in life. It probably comes by having a purpose. The more intensely you are glued to the purpose, the more discipline and focus you will see in that sphere of the life.

Developing sense of purpose can be a very gradual process or sometimes a very heart wrecking event triggers it. The gradual process may start right in childhood, the actions, the behavior of elders, friends, people around one has a big influence. The orientation does change and affinity develops for certain aspects of life around us and drives one.

Nurturing of that affinity is a struggle one fights through all the things we have around us. One has to develop a balanced approach to nurture the passion. As one grows, the responsibilities do increase and one can get pulled in different unavoidable directions. There is no reason to feel offended or feel sad for anything because of pulls from all directions. The thing that matters is you give a bit of your time to nurture the passion and have that fire kindling inside you.

Be an observer of the fire within all of us, and the fire will drive you.

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