Transitioning from spiritual to physical aspect

We created room for our priorities by getting up early in morning, aligned our inner self and our kids to the basic principle of coexistence and focused on building character in our earlier thread. What we feel, think and do all is perceived by our body. In fact, if we look deeper the body is the manifestation of what we are. We should respect our body which is the temple for our soul and is a means to execute actions in our life.

There is a saying in Sanskrit

शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम्
śarīramādyaṃ khalu dharmasādhanam
body is instrument for all deeds [actions, duties]

The typical life of average person in this modern era driven by technologies has become very sedative and stressful. People tend to get silo'ed in their own world spending time on mobile devices and television or in front of books, computers for long hours. This often leads to different sorts of physical and mental problems. It becomes much more important to focus on our health as we live far from natural life now.

Flus, fevers, heart-problems, diabetes, neck problems, back-ache, doctor visits all have become so common around us. All issues like body-aches, head-ache, nausea in flu season, ability to not enjoy food in a party can be mitigated by regular exercise.

Exercise helps in keeping the body fit. It increases body immunization by increasing blood flow, release of toxins, lubricating the joints which can otherwise start getting rusted. We recommend Yoga as the best exercise routine and Sukshma Vyayam is our pick. Engaging into sports, or any other exercise on regular basis to one's taste is the best thing one can do to their body.

We really like an old lady saying regular exercise is like an investment from which you will withdraw in old age. When to exercise and the kind of exercise may depend from individual to individual. It is equally important that kids stay physically active in the age of video-games. We wish you good health and in your endeavor to stay healthy and inspire others to be healthy.

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