Where is the genesis of happiness?

Continuing on our last blog of "The morning ritual for stirring up self-belief" , it becomes an important aspect to stick to values and much of that orientation starts happening by sparing some time for self-introspection as a ritual. The integrity, the character results in an immense force within. It stands out and makes one leader in masses at home, community, and work because the vision starts changing beyond just the self. When we live for others, the greater part of consciousness starts following us, such is the power of service. See the true leaders around us, who do they work for and you will get the answer.

Ever wondered, how our role models get so much energy and they keep marching on their path where they engage into something which serves the interest beyond just them. We at GoalMantra believe, it is the beautiful communion with super-consciousness. The joy of engaging in self-less act creates an incessant ever increasing force within because it is in alignment with the purpose of creation. One needs to experience the joy by engaging into something beyond oneself, it's worth the experience in life.

We respect and bow to the leaders who take lead in making it a beautiful happy world as our experiences in life are consequence of the manifestation of collective free will of individuals and societies. Just "I" sticking to values is not enough in fact may not be practically possible. Living life by sticking to values can happen when we and the eco-system around us works in that direction and makes life a journey full of positive and beautiful experiences.

Starting from self, and then inculcating the values in our kids by becoming their role model through our actions could be the first stepping stone. It is years of investment of parents which will reap it's own benefits when kids grow and when we are not around them because the values become the guiding force.

At GoalMantra, this blog is our attempt to build a society driven by values in alignment with the purpose of creation and make it a beautiful life for all of us. The journey starts at home and rewards us back with positive experiences in society. We got to become an agent to spread the importance of "Character Building" and we appreciate your efforts in this common goal of ours.

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