The morning ritual for stirring up self-belief

We all are human being and have room to grow stronger psychologically. It is for this reason a belief system is so important which kindles the light of optimism in us and where we surrender ourselves to the iconic super-power we believe in. We believe that is why our ancestors created the system of religion which gives us constant hope throughout the life.

Every morning, we should take time to reflect on ourselves and our karma and keep constantly aligning ourselves to the greater purpose of creative consciousness. A very expressive idol of a God blessing you with their hands, giving you offerings, their holy feet, a picture of a saint or a guru who you believe in, a beautiful temple, lighted lamps or anything which helps you immerse in the infinite consciousness is recommended to stir up self-belief.

Focusing on feet helps in shredding the ego and helps us learn the way to live with surrender, your pure actions in day to day life will intensify your ability to visualize the iconic idol blessing you with fortune. It is such a beautiful communion with the greater consciousness that after the few moments of getting lost in your ritual will transform you into a totally different being who does what they resolve for.

Taking care of our own body as a wonderful means to live for the purpose of creation. Having the sense of service in every action of ours, laughing out a lot and seeing others laugh, inspiring others to stay fit, eating delicious, eating healthy, dressing well, looking great, working together as a team to serve a greater purpose at work to align with organization goal or doing a community service. Service makes it a beautiful engaging life experience.

The morning ritual is a transforming habit and at Goal Mantra we believe we all should do it and stay inspired by reading many role models and see how is their morning ritual.

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